Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Anniversaries, Garages, and Ankles.

Wow it hurts to be away for some time. Not posting yummy recipes has made me sad which actually surprises me. so I apologize for being away so long and hope you'll find my reasons good enough.

Monday, February 7th was my one year anniversary with my wonderful boyfriend. As he lives two and a half hours away and since our anniversary fell on a monday we celebrated on that Saturday. I met him around 2 and we spent hours cuddling on the couch watching movies, talking, and maybe making out just a little bit. We then got all dressed up for dinner. He wore a suit! I wore an amazing velvet mini dress and (by complete coincidence) the same tights I wore on our first date. We went to Falls Terrace in Tumwater and ended up both ordering the London Broil. Meduim rare of course. There was a wedding party there so it was loud and crowded. Either way it was still incredibly romantic. We'd tried to go there a few times before but either didn't get a reservation in time or had to cancel the reservation last minute. It was kind of nice being able to finally make it when we did. So long story short we ate amazing food and were too full for dessert. We told each other secrets and confessions we hadn't shared before. After dinner we went back to the apartment he was staying at and found two additional guests on the couch next to one of the two guys that lived there. We changed back into our jeans and staked our claim on two spost on the couch next to the others and watched Metalocalypse and Robot Chicken while they all drank terrible tasting beer. (It was like drinking acid I swear) so that was that and I drove home and watched a movie with my mom before heading off to sleep.

So this past week leads to the second reason. The garage. All by my lonesome I organized the entirety of our garage. No small feat I assure you. It took me three whole days just to organize everything and then another two days were spent painting doors and two of the walls.

So then, what happened to me today? Well I've been on my couch for the past seven hours. And when not on the couch, I've been hobbling around pathetically. Its been rainy and windy and cold so I really didn't want. To go out and get the mail. So around noon I slipped on a pair of old flats and pulled my hoodie tight around me and ran across the yard to the mailbox. I made it fine and got the mail and started on my way back to the house. Well we have a gopher problem so our ground is rather uneven. I've never had a problem with it before so I don't know if it was the rain or if I'm just clumsy, but I stepped on a bit of ground that caved in just a tiny bit which left my foot staying straight out in front of me and my body going to the left. So I hobbled my way inside and planted my butt on the couch. My day has been filled with tv and ice packs. My mom's making me a steak so I feel better.

Expect a recipe tomorrow.

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