Saturday, August 27, 2011

Emilie Autumn's Cucumber Hatred Tea Sandwiches ~ Recipe Review

This week, I'll be reviewing a rather old recipe by Emilie Autumn. This recipe was originally found in Orkus Magazine October 2007 in an article called "Emilie Autumn's Mad Tea Party."

Here is a link to my copy of the recipe.(Also, I'm using a new method of presenting my recipes. Let me know what you think of the design!)

So. On to the review. 

First off let me go through my new checklist system.
Vegetarian: No
Vegan: No
Dairy: Yes

Right, so the recipe is very simple to follow and it's colored with the usual flavor EA gives her recipes. Essentially, you're making a cream cheese spread and adding basil and cucumber to make your sandwich. While this may be too simple for some, with the right pairings it is rather lovely. I however love tea sandwiches and I'll even eat them alone as a lunch or snack.

So the short version of the recipe: Blend cream cheese, cream, pepper, salt, and chives. Spread mixture on one slice of white and one slice of wheat bread. Lay cucumbers and basil leaves on top. Put the two together. Cut crusts and cut sandwiches into triangles.
The End.

The flavor of the sandwiches is very basic but very enjoyable. There is a special kick from the basil that I can't exactly describe but I know it's there. The white and wheat bread complement each other very well and the chives aren't overwhelming. Overall a very lovely tea dish.

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  1. So how is this recipe not vegetarian? It's not vegan, sure, but there is no meat, or meat products in it. Which - I'm pretty sure - makes it vegetarian.